Digital twin Platform

Connect the Physical and Virtual World

Varadise Twin is the first digital twin platform that combines complex spatial data with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), driving your business to the next level of digital engineering. It enables users to facilitate better design, identify and mitigate risk with one single management tool – offering greater predictability of the progress, performance and profits.


Coordinate teams, data and workflow in one platform

Data Connector in action

BIM and GIS Integration

Building Information Modeling (BIM) and geographic information systems (GIS) are two key processes and tools that support all phases of the AEC project life cycle. With Varadise Twin, you can easily import your project information and geospatial context from a variety of sources. Our cloud platform allows geo-spatial mapping of multiple BIM models and photorealistic 4D visualization of your vital assets along with their surrounding environments.

Varadise Twin interfaces and supports migration from the following BIM/GIS/Common Data Environment (CDE) 
used in most advanced Construction projects
and more…

Past, Present & future

4D - Duration, Timeline & Scheduling

With our interactive timeline feature, you can easily navigate the past, present and future of your construction site and facilities.

4D progress display allows not only real-time viewing of live data, but also collaborative BIM design & planning, as well as tracking of historical records at any time point.. 

High-Fidelity Environment Rendering

Large-scale 3D Urban Scenes

By leveraging the latest 3D rendering technology, Varadise have continuously enhanced the end result. Improvement across urban planning, construction, and management, couple with unparalleled level of detail with massive city-scale spatial data  and related attribute data.

Users can adaptively retain important features and reduce the unnecessary redundancy according to the different complexity of the model from our display content. Applicable to different range of mobile devices.

Virtual Hong Kong

Manage work with high quality data

Injecting Intelligence into daily operations

Varadise Twin unlocks practical insights and threads from raw data collected from multiple IoT devices, both in real-time and historical records, to make more informed engineering decision, enable users to analyse operating performance metrics with effective measures.


Flexible Integration

Terrain & Reality Models

Map your BIM and 3D reality models on the same geospatial environment

Documents (DWSS)

Geo-map and time-stamp all works and supervision documents onto your Digital Twin

IoT Sensors

Read and display real-time data from your own IoT sensors