Smart Site Safety System(SSSS)

Pioneer of Digital Engineering for Worksite Safety
Construction safety is crucial as innovative systems integrate technology to enhance hazard detection, mitigate risks, and improve communication. These advancements ensure worker protection, reduce accidents, increase efficiency, and establish a culture of safety in the construction industry.

PPE Detection

Varadise combines powerful computer vision and AI to detect personal protective equipment (PPE) non-compliance and give instant insight and analytics. The PPE Detection System ensures that workers properly wear and use their PPE to help them get home safe each day.

Danger Zone Alert

The system identifies humans or vehicles in dangerous or hazardous areas and can send real-time alerts to site managers. Real-time streaming and recording of footage can also help with incident investigation.


Confined Space

The system maximizes worker safety both inside and outside of confined spaces, it helps to track atmosphere changes, employee activities, confined space entry access, and more from the control room. 


Exclusively Designed for Different Types of Construction Sites

Building Works

Civil Works

Tunneling Works

Site Formation


Drainage & Watermains Works

Utility Works

Structural Maintenance

Road and Drain Maintenance


According to Development Bureau TC(W) No. 3/2023, the HKSAR Government requires the adoption of a SSSS from 27 February 2023 in all capital works contracts with an estimated contract sum exceeding HKD30 million to enhance construction safety management system and to strive for further excellence on the safety performance in public works contracts.