Our Product

IoT Devices & Solutions Provider

A variety of IoT devices that can be integrated into our Varadise Twin platform, collecting real-time data to help you automate site monitoring and facility management

AI Camera

Monitor real-time site activities without the need of a single eye

Site Safety

Make sure safety instructions are being followed to prevent site accidents


Track the location, condition and usage of your equipment

Environmental impact

Keep track of air, traffic and other impacts brought by your project

Construction Accidents

were reported in Hong Kong in 2020

1 /100
Construction workers

have experienced an industrial accident

Human make mistakes,
but IoT sensors work 24-7 in full power.

IoT means

Real-Time Monitoring & Safety Alert

Our AI-powered cameras and sensors identify potential safety issues and sends you instant notifications for timely follow-up action.


Smart Helmets - Smart Watch

Machinery accident is a major cause of injury and fatality construction. Proximity detection will trigger alert to supervisor when workers are too close to dangerous equipment or enter unsafe zones via smart devices.


Location & Usage Tracking

A vast variety of sensors to monitor the location (GPS), activity, tilt angle, dumping action, usage status, energy consumption and other conditions of your equipment.


Overheight Detection

Overheight detector determines whether a vehicle is too high to safely pass under tunnel entrances, low underpasses, or low bridges. Significantly improves road safety.