Digitalize your Workflow

Enough of miscommunication? Digitalized workflow allows you to submit, approve & review thousands of documents on one single platform. No more running around and missing RISC forms!

Integrate DWSS
with Varadise Twin

Our DWSS system can be integrated with Varadise Twin to create 4D visualization of all your documents. Geo-map and time-stamp your work records then review anytime!


Digital Works Supervision System (DWSS) is system that allows digital submission, review, and approval of works & inspection documents, such as RISC forms and safety inspection forms, on a centralized portal accessible to multiple project teams.

According to Development Bureau TC(W) No. 3/2020, the HKSAR Government requires the adoption of a DWSS from 1 April 2020 in all public works projects with pre-tender estimates exceeding $300 million in phases to enhance project management, construction efficiency, safety and quality. Varadise’s DWSS system fulfills all the specified requirements, and is included in CITF’s pre-approved list of DWSS applications. 

5 Mandatory Modules

Our DWSS system covers the 5 mandatory modules specified by the HKSAR government.
Custom modules are available on request.

Request for Inspection (RISC) Form

  • Traceable eRISC record with GPS location
  • Comprehensive workflow visualization
  • Real-time dashboard with live 4D BIM

Site Diary/Site Record Book

  • Traceable site activities ‘records
  • Pre-defined template fulfilling DEVB requirement
  • Offline site record editing and automatic cloud synchronization
    e.g labour, plant (working / idle), concrete , and materials

Site Safety Records

  • Capture and locate all the safety findings to supervisor
  • Customizable workflow with optional 2FA sign-off
  • Predictive AI safety analytic for safety enhancement

Cleansing Inspection Checklists

  • Customizable cleansing checklists for guaranteed compliance
  • Non-compliance and observation analysis tracked by location
  • Cross-project dashboard for insights and safety findings

Labour Return Records

  • Labour info automated retrieval based on site diaries
  • Easy form generator for wage calculation and labour attendance
  • Multi-faceted labour deployment and wage analysis