Construction 2.0

Driving Operational Excellence in a Digital Age

Varadise empowers engineers and operators to create a data-drive culture for better decision-making through the power of Varadise Twin.

Case Studies

World Class Sports Infrastructure

Kai Tak Sports Park

Varadise Twin as a digital integrated management hub to monitor the construction progress, resource utilization, and  safety performance of the super infrastructure – the most anticipated sports facility in Hong Kong. 

Our Service

Smart Site Management System (SSMS)

✓ Dangerous action detection and alert

✓ Smart helmet /watch integration

✓ AI-driven CCTV 

✓ Accident analytics

Our vast selection of IoT sensors, in combination with AI technologies, enable 24-7 safety monitoring for all kinds of projects and facilities.  More about IoT products>>

✓ Data collection & standardization

✓ Integration into digital platform

✓ Dashboard and 4D display

✓ Data analytics

Data is the key to smooth communication and workflow optimization. Our intuitive Varadise Twin helps you synchronize project data, facilitate cross-team collaboration, identify hidden problems, and draw powerful insights.

✓ Document submission and access

✓ Document approval and rejection

✓ Geo-mapping and time-stamping of works records

✓ 4D visualization on platform

Varadise DWSS & AI chatbot features enable easy submission and access of works & inspection documents (e.g. RISC forms). More about Varadise DWSS>>

✓ Photo management app with AI chatbot

✓ Terrain change and building progress analysis

✓ As-built vs as-planned comparison

✓ Delay pattern analysis

Varadise Twin supports latest 3D scanning technologies that help you always keep track of your building and construction progress. More about site mapping services>>

For Business Users

Innovation Services

AI Analytics

You get answers and uncovered unanticipated insights with dynamics visualization.

On-Premise Deployment

For organization requires more control or has strict compliance requirements.

Co-Development Service

Custom software development /integration with existing internal management system.